St. Sebastian & Reasons to Run

While I was not the person to voice the desire to play hide and seek during the tour
of the Catacombs ofcatacomb_saint_sebastian Saint Sebastian, I shared the sentiment. Walking through the passageways incited excitement more than anything else. People who visited their deceased loved ones here may have been mourning, but they, as early Christians, were on the edge of something big. Bigger than an epic game of hide and seek, even.

crypt_saint_sebastianThere is a church containing the crypt of Saint Sebastian on top of the catacombs, with a striking (pun intended) sculpture of him after his first martyrdom, pierced with arrows. He survived this attempt and was later beaten to death. Sebastian also happens to be the patron saint of athletes, and while I’m not super athletic, I do love running.

Back at school, I help out with the running club, and while organizing for this semester’s remaining officers, I thought seriously about why I love running. Usually, when asked why I run, and I just say something profound, like, “I just…love it SO MUCH!”

Reasons I Run, A List

1. The culture. Crack open an issue of Runner’s World magazine, volunteer or cheer at a race, listen to two random people who find out each other are runners, or check out a running store…runners are a cool group of people, if I do say so myself.
2. Running around a place is the best way to get to know it. I’ve lived in the same neighborhood my entire life, but it wasn’t until I began running the streets that I really got to know the curiosities of the place, as well as that crazy chihuahua who always chases me.
3. Sometimes it feels like flying.
4. Running increases my lung capacity for playing the saxophone.
5. It has saved my life multiple times.
6. The freedom of knowing I can just go run a mile if I want to.
7. Being an example to others, whether it be the random drivers on the road, my family, my friends…I believe anyone can be a runner, and that anyone can benefit like I have, in every aspect of their person.


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