Fall 2012 In A Few Photographs


My Rome camera (24 DAYS!), a Canon G12, is good enough to take a decent picture of the moon. I am fully satisfied with life.


At the bottom, the tower is a the campus landmark, the butt of many jokes, &  the meeting place of group runs
At the top, the tower is a great place to watch a 360 view of Dallas’s fireworks on July 4, or fly a homemade kite


The running club organized a Thanksgiving 5K (a creatively named “Turkey Trot”) with a carb-loading pasta dinner (complete with made-from-scratch sauce by yours truly) and the entire shebang was a lot of work, but the smile of one runner as she crossed the finish line made it all worth it.
These beautiful flowers were from the officer who accidentally slept through the race after a night of cooking the prize turkey…not necessary, but wonderful nevertheless.


One of the many bonfires of the semester, this particular one was for a friend’s birthday. Said friend has a roommate who plays the bagpipes, and one of the highlights of Fall 2012 was his rendition of Happy Birthday at said fire.


One comment on “Fall 2012 In A Few Photographs

  1. MichaelR says:

    That’s such a great camera; you’re going to have an awesome time in Rome with it! My sister Sara just got back from Nepal with a similar Powershot and she was showing me her pictures of Hindi temples, furry monkeys, and the Himalayas, simply amazing shots…

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