Reflections on Glasseslessness

Obviously, my vision isn’t that bad. I didn’t get glasses until I was a senior in high school. But, suddenly I could see people walking towards me in the hallway. Trees had individual leaves! The Man in the Moon…that’s what people were talking about! I was seeing the world for the first time, drinking all the details up, not knowing I’d been thirsty my whole life. Seeing movies at the theater was like eating White Castle’s after craving it for so long, but with your eyes. Being able to see where my friends were eating in the cafeteria without walking around squinting for five minutes…bonus!

I still like not wearing glasses or contacts sometimes—when I take off my glasses, I’m much more attuned to movement. I learned, during a period of glasseslessness (due to my tendency to misplace everything and anything) to identify a person from far away by the way he moves. Also, running sans glasses is a surreal experience. Colors blend together, and it’s a bit like moving through an impressionist painting.

Sometimes I wonder what improved vision in any of my past adventures would have led to. A strange detail that would continue to haunt me and inspire a bestselling novel? Would I have noticed a kidnapped child or a clue in a crime? What I really wonder…the streets and people of New York City, the mosaics of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the mountains of Colorado, the vastness of the Gulf of Mexico, the fog lifting away from Golden Gate Bridge, the dawn over Lake Michigan…what would I see now?


One comment on “Reflections on Glasseslessness

  1. reardy says:

    Finally a post lol! I might need glasses soon and wonder how it will change my life..

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