I Dream of Things That Never Were

I watched Vanilla Sky today, and it got me thinking about my strange dreams…(Additionally, I can’t wait to watch Vanilla Sky again, because I feel like I missed about 75% of what the film tries to say.)

I once had a stretch of about 2 months where I dreamed every night, without fail. I wrote them all down, figuring if I ever find myself destitute, living in doorways, I can use them as material for a book and thus pull myself up by my shoestrings.

Famous people who have showed up include Flannery O’Connor, Bruce Springsteen, Leonardo di Caprio, Ben Stiller, the entire cast of Lost, and Marlon Brando. Incidentally, the Marlon Brando dream involves convincing him to make my entire family dinner.

I’m always being chased and subsequently kidnapped. One time I was kidnapped by body snatchers who forced me to eat a pizza they topped with dissected human’s stomachs.

My one lucid dream, all I managed to do was spin around in midair.

I’ve written a love letter to a potato, taken an ice skating class from my college politics professor, died multiple times, snuck into a Walgreens only for Egyptians…despite the cease of consistent dreams, they still come sporadically. I have a list of Questions to Ask God, and Why dreams? definitely makes it. I have a feeling he’ll say, “Why not?”



One comment on “I Dream of Things That Never Were

  1. Lucille says:

    I enjoy the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great content.

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