Broken Promise

I once promised myself I’d never tell anyone about this blog ever. The direction this blog has taken, though, has led me to backpedaling on that promise.

Starting out, I sometimes wrote about things I wouldn’t want people who know me reading about. In the beginning, this place was my only outlet, but I have since then found a good balance between this form of communication and others, such as emailing a close friend, writing letters, etc. So I can write about those things I’d rather keep private, but still share them. There’s something about writing and keeping it to myself that I just can’t deal with very often.

So I have set a few past posts to private, and lightly edited a few others. I have told one person, and plan on telling a few more. This is preparation in the event that I ever identify myself as the author. I can see this turning into a travel log during my study abroad stint, and I’d like to share that with friends, family, and classmates.

Thanks for hanging with me, mountain climbers.


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