A Collection of Observations

  • My hair almost reaches my waist at this point in the Let’s-See-How-Long-My-Hair-Can-Grow-Without-Being-Completely-Repulsive Game. I went for a run the other day (it’s finally cooled off in Northern Texas!) and I had my hair in a bun for some reason. Not having my hair hit my elbows as I pump my arms is one of the most wonderful absences ever.
  • Speaking of long hair, one of the maintenance guys started talking to me the other day about an upperclassman who does haircuts. Apparently he thinks my hair is too long.
  • I was at a party last weekend, and my hair kept getting dipped in my drink.
  • I always feel this weird sort of guilt whenever I’m at home because I’m such an expensive child, so I try to do chores to alleviate the guilt. Anyway, I was on my hands and knees, scrubbing away at the floor, and somehow my hair got dipped in the toilet.
  • College needs swings.
  • Why do I never hear Weird Al on the radio.
  • Favorite smells & favorite words should be sections of the About Me on FB. Maybe a gift suggestion part?
  • Listography should generate the bullets for you. Why the heck should I waste my time shift + 8-ing when they could write some code and be done with it once and for all.
  • There should be a therefore symbol on the keyboard, or at least an alt key code. This is probably the most annoying things about computers: we have CAPS LOCK BUT WE DON’T HAVE A THEREFORE SYMBOL. Sorry.
  • I wish I could log onto my computer and JUST have Evernote up. And to access the next “level”, I’d type in another password, and I’d get Spotify.The next level would have everything else available. I would get SO MUCH DONE.

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