The People

The best sort of days are those that end with a reflection on its events, and a decision about the best part cannot be made: it was that good. This is probably because I actually worked out first thing in the morning, which is extremely rare. Since people can see me during daylit runs, I’m not their biggest fan. I’d rather keep the way I look as I run a mystery even to myself. So I am a nightrunner.

My day ended as it began: with physical exertion. I’m seeing a trend…anyway, a few friends and I changed out of our dressy casino night attire (orientation leaders dealt blackjack!), and the first midnight walk of the year was had! What we talked about, I can’t remember, and that doesn’t even matter. All that mattered was the people I was with.

This is a lesson I really want to carry with me to Rome, when I study abroad: that the experience (relatively) doesn’t depend on where you are, it (relatively) doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it’s the people, and your attitude towards them. So when I set my heart on going to all these places, I’m doing myself no favors. All those different places are expensive, and offer very little compared to the experience of traveling to one place and spending time with a few people very deeply. So if it comes to that, I will not be disappointed, because that attitude could end up blinding me to the wonderful, complex, mysterious people I’m “stuck” with and the wonderful, complex, mysterious place I’m “stuck” with.

During an orientation small group today, the students went around and shared fun facts about themselves. Sure, it was an ice breaker, but it also served as a way to show the freshman how crazy cool each other are, and to encourage them not to ignore the excitement and wonder contained within each person in the freshman class. Don’t forget how interesting every person is, how every one has a story. Don’t limit yourself to a few people. It’s great to have a few very close friends who you know on a very personal and deep level, but don’t be bummed when a close friend can’t hang out, or if you find yourself in a new city, or if you are going to study abroad without one of your closest friends. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert. You just need to be humble enough to be interested in other people.


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