The period of college known as “orientation” was probably the scariest moment of my post-secondary career thus far. Granted, I was sick, I had nearly flunked out of the college courses I had just taken a few weeks previously, and now all these authority figures were throwing as many facts, figures, and horror stories of others’ mistakes at me just about 24/7.

I’m pretty sure I cried several times.

Exactly one year after this rather traumatic experience, I find myself at orientation again, but as a leader. Today was move-in day, and while some of the guys were too cool (or too busy trying to flirt with me) to need help moving boxes or to have a conversation, a lot of people were really responsive. I’ve never been able to say that I enjoy meeting people, mostly because it takes so much energy to, and I usually lack it, but today, I changed my mind. It was honestly the most rewarding experience of my college career thus far.

The beginning of this school year is already vastly different from last year. I feel like a social butterfly, meeting new people, beginning the forging of deeper relationships with acquaintances, and really listening to people. I still have the annoying habits of repeating my stories, and of being a bit too sarcastic…but I don’t feel sick.

In addition to helping freshman move in, I forayed into a Korean restaurant adventure, and watched 9 episodes of Legend of Korra back to back. I’d say it was a successful day.


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