New Adventures

Life’s been slow lately. The latter part of summer was taken up by 30 hour weeks as the drive-thru girl at a fast food restaurant, which was interesting for brief spurts, but mostly mind-numbingly boring. I did learn that smiling has a manifold purpose: it passes the time quicker than a poker face, it gets more tips, it makes things more interesting, and it catches people off-guard, which is entertaining. But that is about it. I am glad it’s over, if only temporarily. And a camera is now in my future.

A new semester is upon us, alleluia! It promises excitement and challenge. I’m taking classes in varied disciplines: everything from a comparative literature class concerning Tolkien to psychology to economics. I’m looking forward to keeping up with this blog, choosing a camera, coming up with a list of things to do while I’m in Rome next semester, continuing to practice the saxophone, and begin the development and promotion of what I’m currently calling The Project, which hopefully will become a leadership program for high school girls. And, of course, watching Legend of Korra, now that I finished Avatar: The Last Airbender. Which was amazing. Attempts to wrap my mind around its depth continue.

Hopes for running in a half marathon are all but dashed since my running buddy developed plantar fasciitis. The postponement is disappointing, but, in its stead, my mode of exercise will most likely be Ultimate Frisbee.

In other news, I have my own room for the first time in my life. Also, I’ve lost my chapstick again. That’s all I got for now. Time to start making my own adventures actually happen.


3 comments on “New Adventures

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    I like your attitude!

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