Sitting on Babies

I’ve never been much of a babysitter. I would get sporadic jobs, sure, but I was always too busy with this club or that activity to bother having a steady one. Plus, I never considered myself good at babysitting. Creativity always escaped me when I tried to play with kids.

I stepped in for a vacationing friend today, for two grade school aged girls. We did everything from explore the park I grew up playing in (but they’d never been to), to making an impromptu “water party” since we didn’t have a pool at our disposal, to showing them how to play Every Word on my Kindle, to them attempting to teach me how to actually play Mario Kart (no success). It was so wonderful to be with such innocent, honest, affectionate people. And to have people watch you while you read aloud with as much emotion as you can muster about a class of mythical creatures called Animal Fairies, and to give piggy back rides all the way back from the park (with all the drivers’ looks to boot)…I hope my children are lightweight, like to laugh at my dumb jokes, and stay young. And I hope I can stay home with them at least sometimes.


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