What Flying Feels Like

Live music is just the best. Being surrounded by music, bobbing your body in whatever way you please, singing along, being surrounded by other listeners…it’s just a great feeling. Anything, from my little sister’s piano playing, to a huge outdoor concert, to singing by yourself, to a choir during a religious service. Wow.

Ingrid Michaelson was playing at the Pageant, a smallish venue in St. Louis, tonight, and since no one else seems to be visiting this fine city on tour this summer, I found myself there. I say I found myself because sure, I’ve heard of Ingrid Michaelson, but I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan or anything. But, wow, I actually had goosebumps for a song, and at one point I was thinking to myself, “This must be what flying feels like…”

Ingrid’s style of songwriting is really neat top. Give “You and I” a listen…it just sounds like, “Ah, I have this thing in my head that I just have to get down on paper because I don’t want to forget how this moment feels because wow it’s just PERFECT and holy cow it actually translates to words, I had no idea, dang, this is actually good YESSSS.” At least, this is what songwriting would be like for me if I had that talent. It’s just so full of life and feeling.


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