The Birds

It’s Friday the 13th. And I just watched The Birds. Outside. It was kinda freaky, actually, because real-life birds would swoop across every once and a while. Then again, it’s very easy to feel invincible on Art Hill, with the statue of Saint Louis at your back, so it was mostly laughter throughout the crowd, not screams.

I don’t get that movie though. What was Hitchcock thinking? Did he want to show the futile-ness of fighting nature? Just because? He wanted it to have no plot? To horrify ornithophobics? Just to sit back and laugh while everyone boggles over it? Wikipedia says it’s about female sexuality. Whatever. Must everything be about sex?

It is so very difficult to psycho-analyze birds. The entire movie feels like being in an animal. First this, then that, then that…constant distractions. Maybe that’s the point. We’re rather more similar to animals than we think? But if he wanted to make that point, he wouldn’t have been so subtle. No. There’s something else there, but I haven’t the time or the energy to grapple with it. Especially if it turns out Hitchcock was pulling my leg.



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