Great Moments

  • It had been my dream, ever since my first year as a camper 7 years ago, to be the announcer of the Dutch Auction (an activity where campers attach as many items as possible to their person and get a point for their cabin for each item the announcer calls off). At last, this announcer dream came true, and it was so cool to see the girls’ faces light up when they realized they had the tie-dyed shirt or the 1998 penny.
  • I am a wall-sitting champion, at least amongst the camp counselors. I believe the final time was 6 minutes & 20 seconds. I could barely walk the next day, and the sides of my thighs are rock hard.
  •  I get goosebumps a lot more these days: maybe it’s a side-effect of medication or getting older, but I had full body goosebumps for a majority of Brave. I also got pretty major goosebumps while watching the cabin’s performances of their rewrites of popular songs.
  • A fire ban was issued for all of camp, so we created a campfire out of cardboard, Cheez-it boxes, streamers, and flashlights.
  • It’s traditional for the counselors to party and stay up most of the last night of camp. This year’s adventures involved stuffing most of the counselors in the back of a van and taking them on a joyride.
  • Watching the sun rise over the Missouri wilderness.
  • The counselors produce a musical every year, which involves parodies of show tunes about camp. My favorite is the “Circle of Life” rewrite, mostly because I got to act the part of Rafiki. When I became too old to be a counselor, my younger sister took over, and it was so cool to get to come back and watch her take on my role.
  • For counselor dress-up, I was a “French painter” (whatever that means) and a little 6th grader painted the most marvelous mustache on me. However, my French accent left a lot to be desired, however.
  • I met my pen pal, Maria, at camp in 2007, and we’ve been writing ever since. She’s from Tennessee and goes to college in Virginia, so I hadn’t seen her in 2 years until a few days ago. We caught up over lunch, and it was just so fantastic to see how writing has kept us connected.
  • I had a very small role at camp this year: I helped out in the evenings only, and it was humbling to be in that position. I didn’t receive a counselor award, or get any notes from campers, or a staff t-shirt. It was humbling to help and not be overly noticed, to say thank you for not being recognized or thanked.
  • One of the counselors plays guitar and has begun to write some of her own songs. She trusted us enough to sing them, and that was equally as humbling.
  • It’s not what you’re doing, it’s who you’re with.
  • Your heart just keeps growing bigger and bigger if you allow it.

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