Some of my most emotional moments have taken place while I’m driving. As a person can only cry so much, I needed a distraction from whatever’s weighing on my mind, and as a typical, average person, I turn to the radio.

So, if you need a good laugh, imagine the song is about a sandwich. Seriously: whether it’s to a sandwich or describing a sandwich. It’s one of my favorite mind games. You haven’t lived until you’ve crooned a Beatles song to a sandwich you have pictured in your head.

If you don’t need a good laugh, then imagine the song relating to God, if possible. It’d be pretty difficult to get “Sexy and I Know It” to be a song from God or to God, but “What Makes You Beautiful” could certainly be from God to you, and “Your Song” could be from you. This is also great if you have a song stuck in your head if you’re at Mass or whatever religious service you might find yourself at.

And then there’s Don’t Stop Believing, which, if it comes on the radio while you’re crying on your way home from a bad day of work or something, is a sign that the universe is working in your favor.

Also, have I mentioned that my favorite food is a sandwich?

EDIT: Michael Rossmann, SJ, over at The Jesuit Post agrees with me!


2 comments on “Advice

  1. Eric Sundrup says:

    We just published a piece on The Jesuit Post called “Journey Moments: Don’t Stop Believin'”

    Not 5 minutes later I stumbled across your blog post. Nice post, good advice. Thanks for sharing Michael’s article. I hope you emailed him to tell him you agree. I’ll see if I can figure out how “Sexy and I Know It” could be related to God…don’t hold your breath.

    • I just dropped him a line…thanks for giving me a heads up about this other article. Any way to look at the world “through heaven’s eyes” is worth a shot in my book. And I am certainly not going to make it my life goal to relate “Sexy” to God…although I have heard that there is a grain of truth in everything…somehow…

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