With only 10 minutes to showtime, my sisters and I buckled into the car and jetted over to the local cinema just in the nick of time to see the new Pixar, Brave.

Wow. The trailer doesn’t do the film justice at all. The film is a rousing blend of Scottish music, breathtaking animation and landscapes, a wonderful examination of true freedom, and a beautiful portrayal of a mother and her love for her child. Full body goosebumps for the 100 minute run. I teared up for the some of the scenery, but by the time the credits rolled, full out tears ran down my face and my sister was offering me a tissue.


In other news, I have a new acronym/motto: KTFA. Keep the fight alive, or fire. I thought it up while I was thinking on a long car ride yesterday. Now, thinking used to be the enemy. The depressed person is trying to escape her mind, but now that I’m stable, I’m learning to embrace thinking again. I want to keep thinking, to keep connecting  and organizing ideas…basically, I want to keep writing in my head. I want to learn. I want to be more eloquent, so that this paragraph inspires you instead of whatever lukewarm reaction you have right now. I want to create something, or be something, so beautiful that it moves people to tears.


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