Sorry, folks, Colorado was pretty insane. Still, I owe you.

I just got back from taking an astronomy class in the middle of nowhere in Colorado, and it proved to be one of the coolest experiences of my life thus far.

One night, I stayed up late enough to see the Milky Way rise. It stretched across the sky, an arc of clouds of stars, like a nighttime rainbow. My friends and I were so in awe all we could do was stare and recite a prayer or two. It blows my mind how small and big we are at the same time.

Another day, I drove up to Cumberland Pass with some friends, and saw the purple mountain majesties. I sang a broken, more-like-I’m-talking rendition of America, the Beautiful as I drank in the sight. Then we drove up to the Alpine Tunnel, and I went for a run at 12,000 feet.

We learned about the Big Bang and black holes and I can point out constellations. I was still enough for hummingbirds to land on my finger.

That’s what Colorado was. I was just lucky enough to  be in the right place and of the right mentality for a hummingbird to pause and land upon my finger. The world stood still for me in Colorado, and I just let it wash over me. I wish I had written, yes. But I’m not going to regret it. I’m just going to learn my lesson and keep writing no matter what, and see where it takes me.


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