(Almost) All-Nighter Adventure

First off, I’m not even going to try to explain my thesis to you, especially if you don’t understand Plato’s Theory of the Forms. Which is pretty much everyone, so I’ll just drop it right now.

What really matters about my thesis is that I had to go through three outlines before arriving at a format that could even begin to make sense of all my ideas that were running about campus. Which is ironic, that I had trouble organizing the paper, since my paper was about order in Milton’s Paradise Lost. But it also involved Plato. Sigh. Really, I’ll stop now.

So, basically:

That’s me. I was turning pink, and my insides no longer possessed the structure I am so used to. I was getting sweaty, and feeling rather spineless. Whoops, sorry, that was an awful pun, both in content and placement. Content and form! That was another theme that somehow noodled its way into my paper.

But seriously, I started working on my paper at about 2PM, took a quick break for dinner, and ended up planting myself at my desk in the print lab, my purse filled with food and eyedrops, where I got paid for all seven and a half hours I spent with my butt in a rather comfortable chair, occasionally selling print credit and answering questions, but mostly just writing that dang paper. A senior came in at 3:30 and was overjoyed that I was still working. We had a conversation about the Cardinals and being awesome. Those two topics generally accompany each other, though, so no surprises.

The doctors, my mom, and my body have been telling me for the past year and a half that sleep is the most important medicine for me. So if some homework assignment didn’t get done before bedtime, well, too bad. But I got worked up about this paper for some reason. I was finishing it, gosh darn it! No matter what it took, it was getting finished.

So I buckled down and churned out that paper. My roommate was wonderful and brought me coffee.  Slowly, but surely. I left the print lab at 5:30 and lay down for 45 minutes, and then got up and kept plugging along. My first class was cancelled, and I kept plugging along, and finished revisions just in time to run back to the print lab, print that sucker, and hightail it to class.

Throughout the day, I was surprisingly alert, despite no coffee intake since around 4AM. In Psych, the guy who sits next to me was impressed.

I even managed to go for a run today. It was really hot and sunny, so Running Buddy (for lack of a better name) and I decided to take it slow and easy. Slow and easy ended up being a little over 2 miles at 11:00 pace. It’s nice to be in shape.

My apologies for the wackiness of this post. I haven’t slept, not really, in about 39 hours. I feel fine, but my roommate says it’ll hit me tomorrow if I don’t sleep tonight.

Good-night, sweet Internet;/And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


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