My Nike Vomeros: A Year in Review

Still in a funk, despite bossing an exam, laying out in the sun, participating in research for extra credit…I did stuff. And I’m still funky.

So instead of writing about how I walked around in a funk all day, I’m going to write about my shoes.

Yes, my shoes. They’re a pair of Nike Vomeros, and I bought them at a legitimate niche running store for the track season last year. I got to go jogging around the block in them before I bought them, and together, we hauled butt through a rather grueling track season. I managed, for the first time in my life, to run a mile in under 9 minutes (I know, I know…I’m slow) despite ITBS problems. We adventured through a triple digit Texas summer that involved a lot of running at night. I ran my first 5K on a treadmill, in 31 minutes.

The school year began, and I joined the softball team. I began the tradition of drawing diamonds on the soles of all my shoes. Over winter break, I ran 2 miles on the road. This spring, the softball season actually started, and my sneakers began to get a lot of use, although real running wasn’t a part of that. I sprained my LCL sliding into second. They also accompanied me on a crazy thing called Treasurequest, a wild scavenger hunt race battle of smarts which my team almost won. Almost. Now there’s a month left of school, with free time for real running, and a trip to Colorado for a few weeks which I hope will involve a lot of hiking. So we have a little time left, but…

We’ve had a good run, my Vomeros and I. Pun wholeheartedly intended. I’m sad to say they’re on their last leg, and once my first summer job paycheck comes through, I’ll be heading out to another legitimate running store, telling them about my past injuries, letting them examine my Vomeros for clues, and jogging around the block to put a new pair to the test. Another year with even higher goals and expectations.

A year packs in so much. As does a month, and even a day, and even a second, if you really think about it.


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